1 – Tricentis

Tricentis Logo

Tricentis specialise in tools which test agility and DevOps for organisations.

It recognises that agile methodologies and DevOps cultures have made continuous testing essential, adding that a lot of software development teams still use legacy tools and outdated processes.

Recognised by Gartner and Forrester as one of the leading companies in the software testing sector, Tricentis has a client list which includes Toyota, Allianz, BMW, Starbucks, Deutsche Bank, Lexmark and Orange.

The competitive edge which Tricentis has could be its Continuous Testing platform, which is architected to simplify testing of modern enterprise transactions.

The company says its modern testing tools meet the needs of today’s digital transformation initiatives.

“Software quality is mission critical now because a software failure is a business failure,” says Sandeep Johri, CEO of Tricentis.

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2 – ThoughtWorks

ThoughtWorks Logo

ThoughtWorks is one of the more well-known software design companies, probably in large part to its clever name.

The company itself has the stated mission of revolutionising software design, creation and delivery, at the same time as advocating for social change.

With 4,000 employees working out of 42 offices in 15 countries, ThoughtWorks certainly has the scale necessary to be a global player.

ThoughtWorks uses a number of agile development tools, including Gauge, for test automation, and Mingle, for project management.

The company builds, supports and promotes the use of open source software wherever possible, and considers this part of its mission.

“This is an exciting era,” says Chad Wathington, Chief Capability Officer. “The whole stack of how people develop software is changing rapidly. We are proud to be pushing the boundaries of this change, elevating the discussion of how teams build great software.”

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3 – Sky

Sky Logo

Sky may a household name and a media giant famous for its satellite TV, broadband and phone services, but it is also increasingly making a name for itself in software development.

Its future growth probably depends on it, since it is having to face up to the prospect of competing with tech giants such as the Google-owned YouTube, and Facebook, not to mention Netflix and Apple.

It seems all the major tech companies are launching TV shows and channels, and the delivery system they’re using is the internet.

Not to be left behind, Sky has launched its Sky Q service, which could become its equivalent of the Apple TV box.

And the company has launched a variety of recruitment drives to attract top talent into its software development teams.

Placing agile methodologies and open source at the centre of software development approach, and has allied with partners such as Nokia Networks to stave off the challenge from the tech giants.

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4 – CA Technologies

CA Technologies Logo

CA Technologies is one of the most recognisable brands in the software business, and is seen by some as one of the most future-oriented companies.

Its stated mission is to eliminate the barriers between ideas and business outcomes, and to do that, it says you have to start by dreaming big.

Here, too, agile methodologies are front and centre of the company, and working in close co-operation – especially with clients – is fundamental.

“Collaborating with our customers is an important way to be able to sense changes very quickly.” says Angela Tucci, General Manager, Agile Management Business Unit.

One of CA Technologies’ main aims is to work with companies worldwide to change the way we live, transact, and communicate – across mobile, private and public cloud, distributed and mainframe environments.

And given that software is at the heart of every business, there’s not many better ways to do it.

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5 – Cognizant

Cognizant Logo

Cognizant has significant operations in at least 15 different industries – from banking and finance, through manufacturing, to media and entertainment.

The company is ranked somewhere in the middle of the Fortune 500 list is regarded as a global company.

It says its unique, industry-based approach helps clients envision, build and run more innovative and efficient businesses.

And the company has embraced the digitalisation trend in a big way.

“Digital is now the lifeblood of our clients’ business – and our own,” says Francisco D’Souza, CEO.

For many thousands of sleeping giants of the traditional industrial world, digitalisation is a new thing, and many choose to partner with Cognizant for their transformations.

As Cognizant says, digital is driving a once-in-a-generation shift in how we live, work and play.

Moreover, companies that successfully navigate this shift are reimagining and reinventing their businesses, dramatically altering the decades-old—sometimes centuries-old—ways in which they serve their markets.

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6 – Ivar Jacobson

Ivor Jacobson Logo

Iver Jacobson is a global company which offers an an agile transformation approach, underpinned by proven intellectual assets, delivered by high-calibre consultants.

It emphasises quality consulting, coaching and training solutions for customers implementing enterprise-scale agile software development.

The company says it can significantly improve the performance of software development teams by introducing new practices, and removing barriers to their wider adoption.

It provides high calibre people, innovative practices, and proven solutions to ensure that its customers achieve strong business and information technology alignment, high performing teams, and projects that deliver.

And it says it can do this for small teams and large teams alike, using proven intellectual assets to get engagements off to a fast start and quickly deliver value, without “re-inventing the wheel” each time.

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