Ask The Expert: Rajarshi Gupta talks about the importance of AI in cybersecurity

Rajaeshi Gupta Avast Software

AI In Cybersecurity

Rajarshi Gupta is the Head of AI at Avast Security. Rajarshi is a pioneer in AI, cybersecurity and networking, with 15 years of technical leadership and executive experience.

In this podcast, Rajarshi explains how to battle against hackers who are constantly changing and evolving their tactics. Also, how a new focus needs implementing to make consumer IoT devices more secure.

“[We have to] innovate on the solutions and to invest in research on the solutons more than what the hackers can do. I have a firm belief that there are many more smart good guys then there are smart bad guys, so we definitely have an advantage on the brain power side.”

“There’s a lot more emphasis in the security world right now in real time detection, that’s where AI comes in to play, because AI is very very good at identifying unknown patterns and identifying patterns we haven’t seen before and blocking [them].”

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