Ask the Expert: The role of an anti-futurist and the current state of AI

Ask the Expert: Theo Priestley, Leading Tech Evangelist and Anti-futurist

Joining us for this week’s Ask the Expert episode is Theo Priestley. Recognised globally as an influential voice, particularly in the emerging technologies arena, Theo is an in-demand keynote and TEDx speaker. He has also held senior positions at large, global enterprise software companies and served as a mentor at start-up accelerators.

In this episode, Theo delves into the antifuturist role, the current state of AI and its direction, and the importance of good data. Firstly, he discusses the importance of the futurist mindset and keeping people grounded with all the new technologies out there. Then, he shares his views on the current approach to artificial intelligence (AI) in the enterprise. As well as this, he gives an overview of how AI is marketed towards consumers. Theo also explores algorithm bias, before sharing his thoughts on the future.