Digital Finance World 2018

With or without PSD2 banking as we know it is changing fundamentally: Disruptive – with whole industries being questioned (i.e. card schemes); revolutionary – with new business models requiring completely new services on a massive scale; and evolutionary – opening up traditional institutions through APIs and developing them to banking platforms.

Welcome to the new world of Digital Finance: DFW – Digital Finance World, Frankfurt, February 28 – March 01, 2018 – is the place for finance innovators from traditional players to meet with Fintechs and Start-ups to shape the Future. Here you can interact with a targeted and engaged financial audience, enjoy an unparalleled content depth, and get guidance for critical decisions on the digital transformation of your enterprise.
PSD2 is a game changer. DFW 2018 is about focusing your PSD2 & AML compliance efforts on the achievement of competitive advantages.

Key topics include:

  • Strong authentication – how to keep friction & risk low
  • Mobile Banking Innovation & Security
  • The Blockchain and what is behind the mystery
  • Digital Currencies: Bitcoin, Ether, and co.
  • Best Practice PSD2 and Open Banking
  • CIAM in the finance and insurance industry
  • Big Data and Privacy: how to combine the odd couple
  • IoT, Smart Contracts and the future of the insurance industry
  • Artificial Intelligence: how bots will change the customer experience

Who should attend?:

  • Decision makers from and all people interested in the future of finance

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Feb 28 - Mar 01


9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Munich, Germany
Munich, Germany
Kuppinger Cole


Kuppinger Cole
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