CxO of the Week – CEO of Comparabien, Alfredo Ramirez

Alfredo Ramirez, CEO of Comparabien and leader of one of the top digital businesses in Peru, had ambitions early on before creating a tool to help everyone

Alfredo Ramirez broke the mold when it entered the marketplace for the first time in 2010, as the first service comparison portal in Peru. Quickly emerging as one of the leading software tools in its segment for Latin America, Comparabien now has a presence in 6 countries and has earned commendation as one of the highest-rated Peruvian startups.

In 2012, the software won the highly sought-after UPC creativity award, recognizing the innovative service that it offers in the interactive media space. So, who is responsible for bringing this unique company into the limelight? That would be Alfredo Ramirez, CEO, Founder, and innovator.

A Passion for Technology and Business

Alfredo describes himself as a specialist in Information Management. During his school years, he earned a BSc in Industrial Engineering from the Pontificia University in Peru, as well as an Executive MBA in Strategy and Marketing from the Cass Business School.

An ambitious entrepreneurial mindset has driven Alfredo forward through most of his life. In 1997, he developed a financial consulting company called 8020 consulting with a specialist focus in Internet Solution, and managed various parts of the organization’s growth, including dealing with financing, project operations, and account development.

After his initial entrepreneurial experiment, Ramirez continued to expand his understanding of the business and technology world, by accepting a position with Unilever, one of the world’s biggest brands. He spent a total of 13 years and 9 months at Unilever, working in a wide variety of positions, from Project Workstream Lead to Head of Global Information Standards.

Building Peru’s First Service Comparison Portal

Alfredo’s time with Unilever provided plenty of opportunities to learn more about IT, business development and growth. These educational moments paid off when Ramirez had a chance to pursue his entrepreneurial side again in 2010, with the creation of

Currently one of the most successful digital businesses in Peru, Comparabien helps customers to compare their options for services like loans, savings accounts, credit cards, mortgages, insurance, and telecommunications. The website operates throughout Peru, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, and Columbia, with average traffic of around 150,000 happy visitors per month.

With his strong business background and commitment to creativity, Ramirez managed to create one of the most industry-shaking online services available in Peru. We can only wait and see what happens if he decides to put his entrepreneurial prowess to the test again.

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