Celebrating International Women’s Day with EM360’s Advisory Board

Celebrating International Women’s Day with EM360’s Advisory Board

Despite decades of progress in the workplace, women remain disproportionally unrepresented in the tech sector. In fact, a recent PwC survey found that 78% of students cannot name a famous female working in tech.

Contrary to the sector’s lack of representation, a report from Tech Nation suggests that boards with adequate representation do better business. According to the research, there was a 453% higher investment for directors sitting on internationally diverse boards.

On International Women’s Day 2019, we would like to take this opportunity to recognise the women who have overcome barriers in order to thrive in the tech industry. Thank you to all of the inspiring women on our Advisory Board.


Welcome to our newest member, Blair Pleasant! Blair is an independent industry analyst with over 18 years experience, providing market insights and analysis for end user and vendor clients. She specialises in competitive analysis, white papers, case studies, proprietary and syndicated research in the areas of UC and collaboration, contact centre, social media, and other business communication technologies.


Jacqui is an international web scientist and was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Science in recognition of her international futurist work. She is also one of four IoT leaders advising the European Commission on their IoT strategy in a GDPR enabled Europe.


Inma Martinez is an industry recognised AI and Digital Scientist that pioneered 1:1 personalisation in the early days of the mobile Internet. Her work and research in AI focuses on Man&Machine Cognition and the exploration of creative approaches to solving the problems of the future.


With over nine years of international experience, Leyre Murillo Villar currently leads the Data Control Function within the Global Markets Chief Data Office. Murillo Villar started her career in practice before joining BNP Paribaas, after working in different teams across Audit, Risk, Finance, IT & Architecture, Compliance, Operations and Data Analysis areas.


Elka is the VP and a Senior Fellow for Digital Transformation over at Frost & Sullivan. With 20 years of market analysis and strategic consulting experience, she has an in-depth understanding of market trends and competitive dynamics.


Ying is a fintech expert and an inspiration for women in finance. She is currently Head of Trading at Capital.com, a fintech start-up that harnesses the latest advancements in machine learning and AI to provide the ultimate trading experience.


Kate Strachnyi is the author of Journey to Data Scientist; which is essentially compilation of interviews that Kate herself conducted with over 20 data scientists with varied backgrounds. She is also the creator of Humans of Data Science (HoDS) – a project that works on showing the human side of data science.


Helena Schwenk is a commercially driven data expert with over 20 years of industry experience. Former data warehousing and BI practitioner, Schwenk has spent the past 15 years specialising in data and analytics.


Donna Burbank is a recognised industry expert in information management with over 20 years of experience in data management and enterprise architecture. She is currently the Managing Director of Global Data Strategy Ltd, an international data management consulting company.


Dr. Rebecca Wynn is a “big picture” thinker with almost 20 years of experience in Information Security, Assurance & Technology. Wynn currently has enterprise-level responsibility for all data, security planning, implementation and overall security operations at Matrix Medical Networks.


Margaret is a regular keynote summit presenter on topics including, but not limited to, partner of the future, next-generation partnering, cloud ecosystems, digital ecosystems, partner marketing innovation, startup collaboration and partner profitability. She is currently the Senior Program Director at IDC.

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