Ask the Expert: Adele Gritten, Managing Director at Future Thinking

Adele Gritten – Managing Director at Future Thinking

This week, we spoke to Adele Gritten, UK Managing Director & Corporate Development MENA at Future Thinking. Adele has been in research, strategy and marketing planning roles for 20 years, having worked in a media agency, research agency and client-side roles during that time.

In this podcast, Adele explains the importance for organisations to navigate behavioural economics properly. Also, how to change the customer experience through data and AI. Finally, she discusses how to identify industry trends with NLP and ML and how to use these resources.

“Well over 90% of the decisions we all make are made heuristically and non consciously.
they’re hard wired and we can’t articulate rationally why we do some of the things that we do”

“The AI sophistication alone is not enough from our experience.
Therefore, it needs to be run and deployed by business savy, collaborative, cross functional teams built from different disciplines.”

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