Top 3 Ask the Experts of 2019

At EM360, we’re very grateful for the experts who shared their insights with us this year. In particular, we enjoyed some great podcasts as part our Ask the Expert series. Here, we have listed some of our favourites. Check them out!

Theo Priestley, Leading Tech Evangelist and Antifuturist

Recognised globally as an influential voice, particularly in the emerging technologies arena, Theo is an in-demand keynote and TEDx speaker. He has also held senior positions at large, global enterprise software companies and served as a mentor at start-up accelerators.

In this episode, Theo delves into the antifuturist role, the current state of AI and its direction, and the importance of good data.

Sion Lewis, Vice President of EMEA at LogMeIn

As a business leader with a wealth of experience, Sion is a bold, fast decision maker. Furthermore, Sion brings a combination of entrepreneurial flair and pragmatism to his work. At LogMeIn, Sion works to drive consistent and repeatable double-digit growth in EMEA.

In this podcast, Sion explores the different tools in unified communications, trends in the field, and virtual meeting rooms.

Dr Jessica Barker, Co-Founder and Socio-Technical Lead at Cygenta

Dr Jessica Barker is co-Founder and Socio-Technical Lead at Cygenta and a global leader in the human nature of cybersecurity. Jessica has also been named as one of the UK’s top 20 most influential women in cybersecurity.

In this podcast, Jessica draws upon the findings in a recent white paper conducted by herself and Palo Alto Networks with YouGov.

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