Top 3: Tech Chats of 2019

The Tech Chat series was introduced this year in order to provide a more face to face and in-depth discussion with leaders in the enterprise tech space. These three pieces help outline the different styles of tech chats we produce, which are covering the UK’s biggest events, face to face interviews and remote discussions on numerous issues and topics.

1. Episode 18: Safeguarding the Future – Infosec Europe 2019
The EM360 team took a trip to Infosec Europe 2019. During this episode, Paul Knott and Clive Finlay of Symantec discussed how AI and ML benefit the shortcomings of IoT devices. Also, Ghazal Asif, Senior VP at Cybereason explained how women can obtain more opportunities in cybersecurity.

In addition to this, we spoke with Andy Heather, VP of Sales EMEA at Centrify about adopting zero trust privilege. Finally, Marcus Bragg of AT&T Cybersecurity walked us through the benefits of threat sharing and where it is heading in the future.

2. Episode 32: The Lessons Learnt from Data Breaches
In this episode, Christy Wyatt, CEO at Absolute Software outlined the roadblocks holding organisations back from being GDPR compliant. As well as this, she detailed the lessons learnt following the mistakes made by larger organisations. Finally, Christy shared her thoughts on the future of handling data breaches.

3. Episode 33: The Digital Transformation Landscape
In this episode, Peter Finter outlined the findings of Couchbase’s annual research into digital transformation. Then, he delved into the reasons why some companies are simply not reaching their digital transformation goals. Peter also shared his opinions on why the digital transformation journey is important and considerations for its completion.

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