Ask the Expert: Ken Yagen, Chief Product Officer at Symphony Communications

Ken Yagen, Chief Product Officer at Symphony Communications

This week, we spoke with Ken Yagen, the Chief Product Officer at Symphony Communications. Ken’s background in the enterprise software, SaaS, and cloud infrastructure industry has made him a well-experienced Product Executive.

This podcast will be shining a light on cloud-based unified communication and collaboration tools. Ken lends his expertise on how they can help to speed up the ever-growing and changing enterprise landscape. Further to this, he explains how collaboration platforms can help to embrace company culture. He also advises on handling the security risks that collaboration platforms may present, as well as ensuring it doesn’t become just another hurdle for businesses. Finally, Ken tells us why cloud is better for businesses, enabling accelerated adoption of new technologies.

“You have to choose a platform that matches what you want to do on it”

“The idea of the COLLABORATION PLATFORM REALLY IS TRANSFORMING HOW DATA, applications, and people are brought together”