Ask The Expert: Antonio Grasso talks about the future of Digital Transformation

Antonio Grasso provides insights into the future of Digital Transformation, changing cultural mindset towards Industry 4.0 and boosting Business Process Automation.

Antonio Grasso

The Future of Digital Transformation

Antonio Grasso is the CEO of Digital Business Innovation. Regarded as one of the top Digital Transformation influencers on AI, cybersecurity, IoT, and blockchain.

In this podcast, Antonio explains how we can change the cultural mindset towards Industry 4.0 and looks to the future of Digital Transformation. Also, he provides his thoughts on a recent survey that cloud-based services are accelerating faster than their security efforts.

“My view on the next year of digital transformation is an orchestration between technology that can create more value for our economy.

i really hope harnessing this shift in our lifetime we can become better humans.”

“we need to push really hard on the cybersecurity issue to try to address [cloud based security issues] because cybersecurity strategies are really lowering our digital transformation process”

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