Data Transforming Business – Series 3, Episode 5

Episode 5: Building Analytics Applications for Driving Business Value

Organisations are turning to business intelligence (BI) and data analytics to give their strategy a competitive edge. This is especially so in an age of digital transformation. At hand to lend their expertise on the matter are Yellowfin’s Glen Rabie and TreeHive Strategy’s Donald Farmer.

In this episode, Glen and Donald talk about the renewed popularity of BI analytics and the factors driving it. The discussion primarily attributes this to people becoming more tech-savvy. This then paves the way for new and evolved tools to meet today’s requirements.

Finally, both Glen and Donald offer their advice to organisations that are looking to start this new approach of analytics and BI strategy. They touch upon what to expect and, importantly, what to avoid.

“People are becoming pervasively aware of the value of data”

“There is a huge gap between what the vast majority of users want from analytics versus what they get”