CxO of the Week: Jay Chaudhry – CEO, Chairman and Founder of Zscaler

Long before he joined the ranks of Silicon Valley, Jay Chaudhry lived in a village in the Himalayas, without access to running water, or any of the tech he works with today. Perhaps one of the most inspiring entrepreneurs in the IT industry, a skilful businessman and incredible innovator. Over the years, he has founded several successful brands, including Zscaler, Secure IT, and CoreHarbor.

Chaudhry has proven himself as an exceptional entrepreneur, with a passion for introducing visionary ideas into the marketplace. He has also appeared in the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

A Growing Presence in Cybersecurity

Aside from being a well-accomplished entrepreneur, Chaudhry also has more than two and a half decades of experience working in various roles, including sales, marketing, engineering, and management. His first job was as CEO, Chairman, and Founder of SecureIT inc, between 1996, and 1998. After that, Jay moved into a VP and General Manager role at VeriSign. In 2000, Chaudhry founded and led the managed eCommerce solution CoreHarbor before it was purchased by AT&T, at which point, he launched yet another business, CipherTrust.

CipherTrust became the industry’s first email security gateway, and it merged with Secure Computing in 2006, where Chaudhry accepted the role of Vice Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer. In 2002, Jay expanded his portfolio of new companies even further, with the creation of AirDefense. The business became a market leader in Wireless Network Security, before being purchased by Motorola.

In October 2007, Jay Chaudhry built the business that he has remained with for the last 11 years – Zscaler Inc. Zscaler is a leading brand in cloud-based security, processing more than 45 billion transactions each day. The business operates across 190 countries and requires no on-premise hardware.

The Rise of an Incredible Entrepreneur

Jay earned his Master of Science and Master of Business degree from the University of Cincinnati. He even completed an Executive Management Program with Harvard Business School. Over the years, Jay has received countless accolades for his fantastic work.

He’s the recipient of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and Information Week’s Innovator and Influencer Award. Chaudhry has also featured as one of Goldman Sachs’ most “Intriguing Entrepreneurs.”

For decades, Chaudhry has always committed himself to breaking new ground with his incredible companies, innovative security tools, and unique attitude. Today, he’s one of the main people leading the rise of digital transformation.

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