Denodo: How Companies Can Benefit From Data Virtualisation

It is no secret that data is booming in modern business. Companies can now store their data in many forms and locations. However, the advent of these innovations has introduced the need for new considerations. With all the data formats currently at our disposal, managing it becomes an entirely new task than what it was before.

In light of this, data virtualisation has emerged as a means to help companies navigate their data management. This is by integrating all enterprise data siloed across disparate systems without copying or moving it. What’s more, data virtualisation governs the unified data through a centralised, secure layer. As a result, business users can enjoy easier, faster access to data.

Expert Insight

Max Kurton, Editor of EM360, caught up with Vincent Fages-Gouyou, EMEA Product Management Director at Denodo, at Big Data Analytics 2019 for a discussion about data virtualisation. Denodo, a market leader in data virtualisation, work to give enterprises the best out of their data ecosystem for their business initiatives.

Vincent outlines that to get the best value out of your data is to get it in real time. However, retrieving the data accurately and in real time can be a challenging task. Denodo’s platform can assist with exactly that, by collecting the data in real time from the underlying systems. In turn, the platform frees up time for data scientists, so they aren’t having to spend it getting access to the data. Vincent also demonstrates how, as an SQL query engine, it allows you to SQL-enable any sources. Further to this, the platform lets you present those sources in a unified way.

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