Adeptia – Faster Onboarding

Onboarding new customers and connecting partners into your digital eco-system should be an exciting time for businesses, but they can often be eclipsed by the lengthy B2B integration project that follows, which can take as much as a few months. But what if you could condense this process down to a matter of minutes?

Adeptia, a B2B integration software, is at hand to alleviate the burdens of onboarding and to keep that initial excitement going. Adeptia offers a new approach to web-based self-service apps that streamline the integration process for your convenience. Best of all, your IT team, though still governing the information, will be relieved of the stresses associated with setting up connections and other complex tasks. With the help of Adeptia, companies can enjoy an onboarding process that is 80% faster than traditional integration.

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