Taste the Feeling: Coca-Cola + Alteryx


Coca-Cola – perhaps one of the most internationally recognised brands. All across the world, Coca-Cola delivers their product with efficiency and ease. However, with a large client-base comes a rather large amount of data to process. Furthermore, managing this data can be a headache without the right tools.

That’s where Alteryx comes in. One testimony from Coca-Cola states that using massive datasets in Excel and Access came with a huge amount of problems. They then downloaded the free-trial of Alteryx and within hours, they were able to create a database with 4.5 million rows of separate data from different data sets. All of this was accomplished without having to use a single line of code.

Want to find out how Alteryx can help you to manage your datasets in a user-friendly and accessible way? Find out more in this amazing whitepaper!