This publication will help you:

    • To avoid a problem before it becomes a problem.
    • Improve your security to the things that make you most vulnerable.
    • Create a contingency plan, prepare for the unexpected, and plan ahead of disruption.
    • Safeguard your company so that your integrity, reputation, and confidentiality remain intact.


George Goley, CTO, Sainsbury's Argos, on avoiding a tech problem

Business continuity is big business! According to statistics from Gartner, the market for business continuity and disaster recovery solutions is projected to reach $61.7 billion. By 2020, the Disaster Recovery as a Service (DraaS) market is expected to reach $11.92 billion. Despite these statistics, 42% of companies do not have a failover solution if a critical application goes down or a business continuity plan.

In this edition of Enterprise Management 360 you will get to hear the stories from George Goley, the Chief Technology Officer at Sainsbury’s-Argos about how he is transforming the retail industry and providing digital experiences to customers, how Kieren Niĉolas Lovell, Head of Incident Response at the University of Cambridge detects, deters and defends the institutions IT infrastructure against information security incidents, and Andrew Gould, Detective Superintendent of the National Cyber Crime Programme at UK Police discusses his thoughts on GDPR and why the police are stepping up their fight against cyber crime.