Pimcore: How to Master Data and Experience Management in the AI Age

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Managing large volumes of data in the context of AI and machine learning applications presents challenges related to data quality, data preparation, and automation. The requirements of data management are changing with the advent of generative AI, requiring more flexibility and the ability to handle larger volumes of data. Pimcore leverages AI and machine learning to automate data utilization and improve data intelligence. 

By streamlining data management and integrating various data sources, Pimcore drives revenue growth for its customers. The platform combines data management and experience management to deliver personalized data across communication channels. Pimcore’s MDM solution addresses the challenges of integrating data for both human and machine consumption. The choice between physical and virtual MDM hubs depends on the use case and industry. 

In this episode of the EM360 Podcast, Doug Laney, Data and Analytics Strategy Innovation Fellow at West Monroe speaks to Dietmar Rietsch, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Pimcore, to discuss: 

  • Data management
  • AI
  • Machine learning
  • Data quality

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