Interview: How to beat cyber crime in your company

beat cyber crime

UK Gov research pointed out that ‘Human Error is the main cause of data breaches’ and with 46% of companies suffering a cyber-attack in 2016, 24% the previous year and 72% of those attacks related to fraudulent emails sent to employees, they’re not wrong.

In the special podcast discussion by EM360°, we met with Oz Alashe, MBE and CEO of Cybsafe, a new way to beat cyber crime within your organisation.

Oz is a highly recognised cyber security expert and within this podcast, we look at the challenges facing employees and employers today.

Having released their new cloud-based platform which was launched on the 26th April 2017, Oz explains how it learns an individual’s knowledge level and their behaviour patterns to deliver a personalised e-programme and constantly evolves based on current threats and how Cybsafe is transforming cyber awareness training from a box-ticking exercise into an immersive, recurring experience that positively changes security-related behaviour

Having already attracted blue chip clients including FTSE 100 financial institutions, leading law firms and other international companies, Cybsafe is already growing in its industry.

We’ll also look at the challenges Oz has faced getting his cloud-based platform off the ground and why cyber security training should be high on your list of priorities.

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