Interview: Big Data with Cambridge Analytica’s CEO

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Big Data is here. It’s used everywhere, every time you do something or when data is collected. It’s used to direct people in a certain way of thinking or doing which is exactly what our latest guest Mr Alexander Nix used to his advantage when working on his recent 2016 campaigns.

We sat down with Alexander Nix, a speaker at the Big Data Big Insights event to discuss:

  • The success of his campaigns and how they were achieved
  • His advice to IT professionals in operating Big Data successfully
  • The content of his speech at the event
  • What Big Data means to him

Big Data Big Insights Conference is designed as a case study oriented platform to highlight the opportunities available to organisations and to provide direction into the high-level decisions which need to be made in this rapidly expanding area.

Join this exclusive, one-day event to find out how your data may be further exploited to gain maximum commercial insight.

Other key points include:

  • The influence of Big Data to organisations investment strategy for technology
  • Business drivers for implementing a big data strategy
  • Various options for technology choice and the high-level implications of these choices
  • Considering the practical aspects of Big Data solutions including data security, data quality, governance and legacy data integration

Big Data Big Insights is held in Stockholm, Sweden on the 8th February 2017.

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