Data Transforming Business – Series 1, Episode 1

Is Data Quality & Data Governance keeping pace?

Innovation lies at the centre of today’s technological environment. The word innovate dates back to the mid 16th century and comes from the Latin innovat, meaning ‘renewed, altered’, from the verb innovare, from in- ‘into’ +novare ‘make new’. So even 500 years before the internet was even a twinkle in Tim Berners Lee’s eye, innovation was all around us.

Back to the present day and we’ve taken a look at changing the way organisations think about innovation and growth, and key to success is data that is accurate, relevant and timely. With data quality and data governance critical to achieving the data-driven business transformation that companies are looking for, technological advances and new ways of working are changing the way we look at data governance and quality in the context of rapid business change.  

Donna Burbank, Managing Director of Global Data Strategy Ltd and recognised industry expert in information management, asks Ed Wrazen, VP Product management, Trillium Software, Stan Christiaens, CTO, Collibra, and Robin Warwick, VP of Data Projects and Barclays whether they think data quality and data governance are keeping pace. From whether the emergence of Big Data and the concept of Data Lakes change the need and best practices for data quality to how you know when data is ‘good enough’, Donna navigates listeners through this first step in our data-driven business transformation journey.

Whether you are a CDO looking to understand what new technologies and methodologies are available or a businessperson trying to understand the challenges around data quality, join us for an educational podcast to discuss how data quality and data governance can support your business transformation initiatives.

Meet the panel:

Donna Burbank
Managing Director at Global Data Strategy


Robin Warwick
VP of Data Projects at Barclays


Ed Wrazen
VP of Product Management at Trillium Software


Stan Christiaens
CTO at Collibra