Data Transforming Business – Series 1, Episode 5

Data Transforming Business

Powering Digital Business Transformation through Information

The Industrial Revolution saw manufacturing go from man to machine and changed the face of the British economy forever. Dubbed the next Industrial Revolution, the Digital Economy is changing the way organisations do business around the world, and is set to transform the economy on an unprecedented scale.

As the next quantum leap in human progress, business optimisation and entirely new business models are emerging as data-driven technology provides unprecedented opportunity for innovation and change. In this fast-paced and quickly changing business environment, it is critical to manage the essential infrastructure for your organisation to build its digital future, transform IT and protect your most important asset – information.

So, our series moderator and Managing Director, Global Data Strategy Donna Burbank is joined by expert panellists Nick Curcuru, ‎Vice President, Big Data Practice, ‎MasterCard, and Anthony Dina, Director, Big Data & Analytics, Dell to explore how information is powering digital business transformation.

This podcast provides an insight into the role data and information play in the digital revolution, and data as the new currency, demonstrated through real life examples. The discussion explores how close we are to achieving an Internet of Everything, an evolution of the Internet of things (IoT) and what organisations can do to help prepare themselves to leverage this opportunity as well as addressing the hot topics that are never far from our minds like risk, security and privacy.

Our panellists reveal fascinating recommendations for organisations looking at new opportunities in Cloud and mobile technologies and how companies are managing organisational change.

Finally, the podcast addresses companies’ fears that current organisations could be displaced by data-driven digital start-ups and reveals how organisations can avoid this happening to them. After all, in the Industrial Revolution we didn’t see many farriers shoeing horses once the automobile arrived…

Meet the panel

Donna Burbank
Managing Director at Global Data Strategy


Anthony Dina
Director, Big Data & Analytics at Dell


Nick Curcuru
Vice President, Global Big Data Consulting, Mastercard