Self-Service Business Intelligence for ERP Systems – Dream or Reality?

1. Self-service business intelligence (BI) is a growing trend as more and more business users want to be in greater control of their own reporting and analytics. Often these efforts are stymied however, when business users are faced with the underlying complexities of the data structures and interrelationships between data sources. Given this complexity, do you think self-service BI is a realistic goal? Are there tools and techniques that can mask the complexities of the underlying systems, or is this a “necessary evil” that business users need to face?
2. ERP systems are notoriously complex in terms of their underlying data structures. Often they are referred to as a “black box”, given the vast amount of tables and undecipherable data structures & business context. Given the fact that the majority of businesses today run on ERP systems, much of the data that’s most critical to the business resides in these systems. Is there a way to navigate the complexity of these systems, or is unlocking the data in these systems an unachievable goal? What advice do you have for business users trying to generate actionable analytics on these systems?
3. Trusted data is a key concern for data professionals looking to build a data-driven organization and, as a result, we’re seeing a rise in the number of organisations looking to integrate analytics & reporting into a wider data governance initiative. What is your advice for professionals looking to create a “trusted source” for critical data assets? Is there a role for “governed self-service”? How do you provide business users with enough flexibility and autonomy to be productive, while at the same time making sure that the right governance and quality measures are in place?

Meet the panel

Donna Burbank
Managing Director at Global Data Strategy


Garth D. Laird
President & CEO, ZAP BI


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