Unlocking Business Insights from ERP Systems

1. Most organisations today rely on ERP systems to manage their complex business processes. Given the importance of these systems, it’s a crowded vendor landscape for ERP solutions. How does Sage differentiate itself in the ERP marketplace?
2. (follow-up question) Sage’s focus on business insights is an interesting one. Many of the customers I work with are eager to unlock the business value of ERP systems, but are often frustrated in integrating these systems due to their technical complexity “under the hood”. How is Sage able to make the process of analysing business data from ERP systems easier? And are you able to integrate this information with other key data sources such as data warehouses and data lakes? Or do you focus primarily on your own solution?
3. Many customers are looking to migrate from a legacy ERP system, but given the mission-critical nature of these systems, are reluctant to do so. For example, they may have over 10 years’ worth of sales transactions & analysis in these systems, and they don’t want to lose that. What advice do you have to customers concerned about ERP system migration?
4. Governance of data and ensuring that quality data drives business insights is a key concern for many organisations. At the same time, they need to have data-driven insights at the speed of business, and are concerned that governance may slow down their analytics efforts. What are your recommended best practices for balancing quality vs. agility for analytics around ERP data?

Meet the panel

Donna Burbank
Managing Director at Global Data Strategy


David Rawling
Enterprise Segment Product Marketing Director


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