EM360 chats to André Hordagoda, Co-Founder of GoInStore

Founded in 2014 by André Hordagoda and Aman Khurana, GoInStore seeks to humanise online commerce and experiences with its leading immersive live video technology solution.

Using unified communications, GoInStore has championed the use of omnichannel by connecting sales staff at physical locations to website customers.

In a recent interview, the co-founder André Hordagoda spoke about the inspiration behind GoinStore and the steps they have taken to create a platform that effectively connects website visitors to in-store sales staff in real-time.

Sounds great! But how do GoInStore use this unified communications to help companies across sectors such as retail, automotive, hospitality, and property to increase their revenues?

In this podcast, André explains how GoInStore makes use of cutting-edge wearable hardware, server infrastructure and a unique artificial intelligence-driven assignation engine to offer a more targeted connection between a visitor and a sales assistant, which André believes increases the potential for success.

During the interview, André gives a demonstration of GoInStore, explaining how customers can experience a physical store through the eyes of a sales assistant from the comfort of their home, and how the sales representative can serve customers needs better.

With streaming and the quality of virtual headsets continually improving, GoInStore are on the forefront of delivering more immersive experiences. Capitalising on the buzz around virtual and augmented reality, André says the future of GoInStore is exciting and that they are well positioned to take advantage of these new developments.