Interview: The truth about ethical Social Engineering


Ethical Social Engineering is a word we don’t hear too often at the moment. With cyber security attacks happening almost on a daily basis it’s nice to know that someone is on your side to help.

In this podcast created by EM360° we talk to Jenny Radcliffe, ‘The People Hacker’, a social engineer who is an expert in negotiation and preventing cybercrime happening to you and your organisations.

We look at:

    • What to do to prevent cybercrime happening to you.
    • Are millennials more likely to fall for online fraud?
    • Do larger enterprises have measures in place from being attacked that SME’s don’t have?
    • How can you prevent your business from being attacked?
    • Do you see this attacks becoming more complex?

Jenny Radcliffe will be speaking at the IP Expo in Manchester on the 26th – 27th April 2017. For tickets and speakers please visit the IP Expo website.