Increase Resilience against Cyber Attacks

The number of cyber-attacks and damages caused by these attacks have tremendously increased over the years.

Large public attacks, thefts and linkage of data are continuing problems that escalate the growing concerns of different organisations.

Enterprise Management 360° reached out to Martin Kuppinger, founder and principal analyst of KuppingerCole to record an extensive podcast aimed to prepare organisations against threats and increase resilience. Joining Martin were Alienvaults’ Security Advocate, Javvad Malik and CTO/CISO, Darran Rolls,who are respected professionals in security consulting and administration.

This podcast covers the key points in security management – Detection, Response and Recovery.

Get to know:

  • The 3 W’s – who does, who should, who did
  • The biggest threats – insiders or cyber attackers?
  • Importance of good IAM hygiene
  • How employees should be trained with regards to threat detection
  • What the risks are and how to quickly react to these