Interview: ‘Cloud is a journey, not a destination’

google cloud professional services

‘Cloud is a journey, not a destination’ says Google’s head of Cloud Professional Services, João Rufino.

In this podcast from EM360°, Rufino talks to us about machine learning, how the world is becoming more mobile, more social and how the more people they can get to the cloud, the better it’ll be for the planet.

‘Machine learning stops 99.9 per cent of spam,’

‘It’s all about machine learning now,’

With a master in computer science and a strong focus on solution selling, partnership and business growth, Rufino joined Google in 2006 after spending a few years at a start-up.

During his time at Google, he was awarded several awards for strong individual performance and as manager.

Rufino actively contributed to the success of Gmail and, in recent years G-Suite and Google Cloud Platform.

He currently heads up a regional Professional Services team and the EMEA Partner Technical Services for the Google Cloud business.

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