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Interview: ‘It’s Software Eating Hardware’

In this video EM360°Tech spoke to the CTO & Founder of Mersive, Christopher Jaynes, at ISE 2017 in Amsterdam to find out all about what Mersive are doing in the wireless collaboration space with their custom-built enterprise software, Solstice.

Integration across IT, DC, NOC, Cloud

Integration is a business need and a problem to some organisations. Enterprise Management 360° reached out to Andy Lawrence, VP of Research at 451 Research to conduct a podcast interview with Colin...

Can Cloud Assure Excellent Customer Experience?

Enterprise Management 360° got in touch with expert adviser to customer service, Adrian Swinscoe for a podcast interview with Interactive Intelligence Territory Manager, Steve Feeney. In this podcast, Steve gave his thoughts...
A virtual reality: The rise of Data Virtualisationvideo

A virtual reality: The rise of Data Virtualisation

With businesses now seeking the need for a complete view of their operations, a new data integration layer is needed. The answer comes in the form of data virtualisation, where data...

Planning for your Future Cloud Contact Centre

In an EM360° interview with Ron Stevenson, Genesys' Senior Manager,­­­­­­­­­ we find out why there’s no better time to be in the contact centre business than now. Customers today are in the...

Squeezing more revenue from existing investments

Process automation is the next big step in optimising your big data investments. Richard Martin, EVP Engineer and Operations Solution at Rolta, explains why in this podcast interview. More on this: How organisations...

IAM solutions for the future

Fact : Enterprises need an IAM solution with an architecture built for the future. The statement paves way for a series of complicated questions: Does the solution support single sign-on and access management?  Does...
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Chief Data Scientist - September 2017
IoT SW Barcelona - October 2017

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Secure Collaboration in the Cloud with HPE Security

In this video, Farshad Ghazi, Global Product Manager at HPE Security – Data Security, discusses Cloud and Secure Collaboration in the enterprise. His background...