Kieren Niĉolas Lovell, Head of Incident Response at the University of Cambridge on how to defend your IT infrastructure

Currently serving as the Head of Incident Response at the University of Cambridge, Kieren Niĉolas Lovell is in charge of leading the University in detecting, deterring and defending their IT infrastructure against information Security Incidents. 

All incidents that we’ve had within my time at Cambridge have been a human error – it’s either been packages or systems that aren’t being maintained so they’ve not been updated, or people have given their password credentials out by various different means or they’ve downloaded malware and it’s been activated through that mechanism.

In this podcast interview, Kieren explains to EM360 how the University of Cambridge prepare for online attacks, the importance of establishing a crisis management team, how to minimise human error in tech, the importance of updating legacy systems and mitigating risks.

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