Using data to tune your website and improve sales

improve sales

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is a system of increasing online revenue without increasing the budget you spend getting traffic to your site. You use data to ascertain where and how to tune your site and improve sales. 

 Some good ways to collect data include:

  •  Google Analytics (GA) is a free tool and can give you a lot of data about your visitors and how they journey through your site.  
  • Usability testing. While analytics tell you what is happening, it won’t tell you why. One way you can find out is by observing users interacting with your site and asking them to verbalise their thoughts. 
  • Email surveys – It’s easy to be so focused on conversion rates that you forget what is actually behind it: real people who buy from your site (or not). Every change you make on the site is aimed at influencing their behaviour. Therefore, get under the skin of those people who make your conversion rate move up or down.  Ask a few open-ended questions and allow for open text responses. Probe their buying decision. Why did they choose to buy from you (or not)? Which competitors did they consider? How would they describe your product or brand?

Using these simple, low-cost methods you’ll now know better WHERE your site can be improved, WHY those places have so much potential and WHAT you can do to realise it. Follow that through with changes to the site that address the fundamental problems you’ve uncovered, and you’ll see your conversion rate lifting to heights you never dreamed possible.

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