From Whitepapers to Videos to Top 10s, EM360 looks back at an exciting year in enterprise tech

We look back at a year full of thought-provoking stories, insightful interviews, and extraordinary innovations

2018 saw ground-breaking innovations, disruptive scandals, and creative technological solutions. EM360 looks back at an incredible year in the enterprise tech industry.

The big stories of the year

The importance of data privacy became apparent when the Cambridge Analytica scandal disrupted the tech sector earlier this year. Despite this, tech giants appeared to have more power over our data than ever.

The emergence of organisations like highlighted the need to protect data as a human right. In an anxious climate of fake news, data harvesting and censorship, the importance of ethical tech became apparent to users and tech companies alike.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect, which forced companies to reassess how they collect and process user data. Despite the rigidity of the new reforms, many tech giants still failed to comply.

Representation in the tech industry was also at the forefront of people’s minds. A report found that over 90% of tech investment in Europe was allocated to all-male teams, while Amazon used a hiring tool that discriminated against women.

However, some companies decided to initiate change. Led by Capital Enterprise and supported by JP Morgan Chase Foundation, OneTech aimed to help 200 female and BAME-led start-ups grow in London.

IBM championed diversity with a female-led blockchain team, while the UK government dedicated £1 million to improve representation in tech. A report from Tech Nation also found that there was a 453% higher investment for directors sitting on internationally diverse boards.

The top podcasts

This year, we also had the privilege of talking to more thought leaders than ever before. Our podcasts cultivated a space where the industry’s top professionals came together to debate the latest trends and discuss future insights.

At the start of the year, former NSA official and whistleblower William Binney opened up to us about why he left the agency. In April, Charles Givre also shared what CISOs need to know about data science.

In May, our trusted advisory board weighed in on the benefits of GDPR in anticipation of its implementation in Europe. AI Ambassador for Telefonica Richard Benjamins and Director of Group Data Protection for HomeServe Richard Merrygold offered some thought-provoking insights.

In June, we talked to former White House CIO Theresa Payton about fighting cybercrime. We also heard from Head of Information Security & Data Protection Officer Rebecca Wynn about building a cyber-resilient framework.

In July, we caught up with Richard Etwaru, CEO of the increasingly relevant Microsoft’s Senior Product Marketing Manager Vanessa Alvarez also talked to us about the role of the customer in the shifting tech landscape.

This month, we talked to AI pioneer Inmaculada Martinez about cultural narratives in the tech industry. In our last podcast of the year, world leading futurist Daniel Burrus talked agility, trends, and AI in this turbulent tech landscape.

The best interviews

In August, we kicked off our new video series In Layman’s Terms. We stopped by the Perkbox offices to speak to Chieu Cao, CMO and co-founder of Perkbox, who gave us a brief run down of how CMOs have to utilise technology in order to ensure growth for businesses.

In October, we had the honour of attending the Information Builders Summit 2018 in the heart of London. We caught up with the Chief Operations Officer of Information Builders, Frank Vella, to discuss philanthropy within data.

EM360 also attended Europe’s number one enterprise tech event – IP EXPO 2018. We had the privilege of speaking to Afraz Jaffri, Senior Consultant at Capgemini, about AI in the enterprise.

Our favourite Top 10s

This year, we recognised a number of industry-leading influencers, companies, and innovations. Here’s just a small selection of our favourite Top 10s:

Top 10 women changing the landscape of data in 2018

Back in 2014, Gartner’s Debra Logan published a blog post estimating that approximately 100 large companies had invested in a new role: the Chief Data Officer. Women held 25% of the new positions – while just 13% of Chief Information Officers were female at the time.

From the onset, women have continued to thrive in the world of data. We were incredibly inspired, so we listed the Top 10 women who changed the landscape of data this year.

Top 10 Innovations in Cybersecurity

Top 10 IoT Companies

The most insightful whitepapers

This year, we were proud to publish a wide range of top whitepaper resources for the enterprise tech community. Here’s a sample of the most insightful whitepapers from 2018:

Preparing your network for digital transformation

While digital transformation differs for every company, an agile network is integral to this process. Cumulus explored the primary challenges associated with web-scale networking – from disaggregation, to economy of choice, and automation in a thorough whitepaper.

Improving incident detection with event correlation

For years, organisations have invested their efforts in preventing security incidents and network attacks. ManageEngine explained how to improve detection through event correlation in their useful whitepaper.

Reducing waste in the supply chain

This month, enlightened us with their revolutionary use of AI and data science. In their whitepaper, we learned how to predict problems and provide solutions to supply chain malfunctions.

Thanks to our fantastic advisory board, interviewees, and your continued support.

See you in 2019!