Amazon platform still dominates BI market

cloud-based business intelligence applications

Almost three quarters of all enterprises using cloud-based business intelligence applications use Amazon Web Services as their platform. 

This is according to a new report by Dresner Advisory Services, which produces an annual report about the cloud business intelligence market.

And, as reported on, among the main conclusions in the new report – entitled 2017 Cloud Computing and Business Intelligence Market Study – are:

  • Amazon Web Services is the preferred cloud platform by 73 per cent of companies deploying cloud business intelligence apps.
  • 40 per cent plan to increase spending on private cloud and 34 per cent are increasing budgets for public cloud platforms.
  • 33 per cent of enterprises are relying on public cloud-based business intelligence apps today, increasing from 13 per cent in 2012.
  • 31 per cent of respondents currently use cloud business intelligence, a 6 per cent increase over 2016.
  • Google Analytics and Salesforce are the two most preferred third-party connectors for cloud business intelligence.

Overall, Dresner says the report indicates that ad-hoc query, advanced visualization, dashboards, data integration/data quality, end-user self service and reporting are the most required cloud business intelligence features.

In addition, across the last four years of the study industry support has increased for all top features and remained steady or grown for several others.

Howard Dresner, founder and chief research officer at Dresner, says: “We began to analyze this market dynamic back in 2012 when adoption was nascent, and since that time we have seen deployments of public cloud BI applications continue to grow steadily.

“Organizations are citing substantial benefits over traditional on-premises implementations. While challenges remain and improvements can certainly be made, we believe that cloud business intelligence, particularly public cloud offerings, will continue to move into the mainstream.”