America needs to be the best in tech industry, according to Trump’s small business administrator Linda McMahon

The US must lead the way in tech, Linda McMahon said onstage at Recode’s Code Conference in California this Tuesday. McMahon is the leader of Donald Trump’s Small Business Administration, spearheading the strategies and demands necessary for the government to provide the best pathways for small businesses.

““America needs to be the No. 1 tech industry in the world, and we need to continue to invest in that,”  she said at the conference. McMahon spoke further about how she sees the government helping small tech businesses assuring their innovations enter the market.

“I think there should be a partnership with private sector, but typically, the private sector leads the way,” she further explained. McMahon claimed her agency gave the Small Business Innovation Research program, made to fund the conducting of research and development of small businesses. The program gave two and a half billion dollars last year.

McMahon went on to address the president’s actions on immigration and diversity, which much of the tech industry has opposed and clashed with Trump on. “The Donald Trump that I have known before he was president had great diversity within his companies … and as far as the SBA goes, we have a very diverse environment not only within the people working there but within the programs.” She continued to point out a third of SBA’s loans went to women last year, while 41% went to minorities.

When questioned about Trump’s decision to end the International Entrepreneur Rule, a door for foreign entrepreneurs to legally build their companies within the States, McMahon seemed shaky and less confident. Weirdly, she claimed she could not comment until becoming familiar with the rule.

Axios’ Ina Fried, who was at the conference and had asked the original question, asked, “As the head of the SBA, you’re not familiar?”

“Not with that particular rule,” said the US’ Small Business Administration leader.