Android devices to send location details to 999

Android devices to automatically send location details to 999 operators

Seems such an obvious thing that you would think it’s been in existence for some time, but in fact, it’s only happening now.

Android devices will be able to send your location to 999 operators whenever you place a call to the emergency services in the UK.

The feature will be available on 99 per cent of Android devices and is called the Emergency Location Service. It uses WiFi connections, GPS and mobile masts to pinpoint your location.

Android device owners in the UK can enable the feature through a Google Play update. The innovation is also available in Estonia, but it’s probably likely to be a popular add-on in other countries as well.

On its blog, Google says it is “actively engaging with more countries and operators” to make it available in other places, and says it is “solely for the use of emergency service providers”.

Google also claims that it’s not interested in collecting people’s data.