Arctic Circle to host world’s biggest data centre

kolos data centre_3

The world’s largest data centre is being built in the Arctic Circle, according to reports in the media. 

The facility will be located in a city called Ballagen, in Norwegian territory, and is the idea of a US-Norway company called Kolos.

According to, when completed, the facility will take up 600,000 sq m of space.

One of the obvious advantages of locating a data centre in the Arctic is that it will need less energy for cooling.

Currently, the world’s largest data centre of the Range International Information Hub, located in Langfang, China.

The top 10 largest data centres in the world, according to Data Economy, are:

  1. Range International Information Hub » Langfang, China » 6.3 million sq ft
  2. Switch SuperNAP » Las Vegas, US » 2.2 million sq ft
  3. Switch Pyramid » Grand Rapids, US » 1.8 million sq ft
  4. Microsoft Iowa » West Des Moines, US » 1.7 million sq ft
  5. DFT Data Center » Ashburn, US » 1.6 million sq ft
  6. Switch Citadel Campus » Reno, US » 1.3 million sq ft
  7. Utah Data Center » Bluffdale, US » 1+ million sq ft
  8. Digital Realty Lakeside Technology » Chicago, US » 1.1 million sq ft
  9. QTS Metro Data Center » Atlanta, US » 990,000 sq ft
  10. Tulip Data Centre » Bangalore, India » 900,000 sq ft

The global data centre construction market is forecast to grow to about $74 billion by 2021, according to a study by Techanvio.

That’s at a rate of 8 per cent annual growth.

Abhishek Sharma, a lead analyst at Technavio for data center research, says: “The general construction sector occupies a majority 43 per cent of the global data center construction market.

“This sector encompasses the design and construction of a well-secured facility, in addition to installing the setup, flooring, internal frames, external walls, windows, doors, installation of infrastructure, and disposal fittings.”