Bank enables customers to log in with face

facial recognition technology

A number of leading banks in the UK are preparing to launch systems which allow their customers to log in to their accounts using facial recognition technology rather than passwords. 

Lloyds, Halifax and Bank of Scotland are said to be introducing new biometric systems as the next generation of identity and access management.

Biometric systems include fingerprint identification as well as photographs, and they could also be things like vein recognition, as demonstrated by Fujitsu.

Vein identification – also offered by Hitachi – is said to be more secure as it is more difficult to fake than fingerprints in this day and age of cheap 3D printing technology.

But one way or another, biometric systems are almost certain to take over from, or perhaps augment, passwords and other systems of identity and access management.

Lloyds is the latest to take the biometric route, and is partnering with Microsoft to offer customers the option of using Windows Hello on their tablet computers to log in to their accounts.

Lloyds says the collaboration with Microsoft is still in the testing phase, and the pilot will run in the second half of the year.

Users will have the option to log in to their accounts using their face or fingerprint instead of typing in their passwords, but passwords can still be used if the customer prefers.

Gill Wylie, chief operating officer, group digital and transformation, Lloyds Banking Group says: “With customer experience and security at the forefront of our minds, we are keen to run this pilot to explore the new functionality Windows Hello could give our customers.

“I am delighted we are the first banking organisation in the UK to work with Microsoft on Windows Hello, and excited to see how our customers use this feature.”

Ryan Asdourian, Windows and devices lead, Microsoft UK, says: “This Lloyds Banking Group pilot marks another significant step towards an era of more personal computing.

“With more than 400 million active users of Windows 10 able to take advantage of Windows Hello, it’s great to see a major financial services institution looking at how it can apply this technology to transform the customer experience.

“Windows Hello enables users to log in to a Windows device in less than two seconds and this use of advanced biometric technology will provide Lloyds Banking Group customers with a more seamless and frictionless experience without compromising security.”