Call centres coming back onshore, says report

Call centres coming back onshore, says report

There has been a significant increase in the amount of onshore call centre business, according to a new report by Everest Group. 

The percentage of contracts with with significant onshore delivery rose to 53 percent, as compared to 35 percent in 2010 and 49 percent in 2013, says Everest.

The main reason for the return of call centres is “enabler technologies”, says the report. They include:

  • analytics;
  • automation;
  • and multi-channel tools.

Katrina Menzigian, vice president at Everest, says: “Contact centers across the world are moving into the digital era with a focus on enhanced customer experience in a multi-channel environment.

“Service providers are responding by shifting their value proposition from the traditional, FTE-based focus on cost containment and implementation to an emphasis on providing insights and innovation to enhance the customer experience.”

Everest estimates the global contact centre outsourcing market grew at a rate of 4 per cent in 2015 to reach $75-78 billion.

The global contact center spend stands at $300-320 billion, of which third-party outsourcing accounts for approximately 25 per cent, adds the company.