EM360 Five Minute Friday

Welcome to the EM360. This is our Five Minute Friday bulletin where we break down the biggest stories from around the world of Tech.

This Friday in what is the last working day of 2017, we will be looking at how Google uses encryption following the release of their white paper, how a DDoS mastermind walks away, why security companies need to work together and finally, there is a change in the hot seat for a tech giant.

Google using encryption exposed in white paper

Google has released a white paper on its use of encryption. This has been undertaken to let you know the data is safe in the cloud.

Maya Kaczorowski, who is the security and privacy product manager at Google Cloud, said that Google takes to authenticate the data source to ensure the data arrives where it is needed unaltered. Whilst in transit it will be kept confidential with encryption.

The news after details were revealed at how 123 million households in the US were left unsecure by AWS.

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DDoS for hire platform exposed

A 19 year old from Stockport, UK, has had a 16 month detention order suspended for two years after running a DDoS for hire platform. When the arrest was made in June 2017, police said they did not have much understanding of the programme he was using, however, more details emerged as investigations continued.

The companies which had been targeted had included network providers such as EE, Vodafone, O2, BT, Virgin Media but also NatWest and the BBC.

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Collaborative security professionals making the industry boom

The Cyber Threat Alliance have said that security professionals need to overcome trust issues to be more collaborative. Over the years organisations such as Fortinet, McAfee, Palo Alto Networks and Symantec have agreed to share intelligence. In the wake of this news, it’s been noted that Cisco, McAfee, Fortinet and others are to do the same. It is said, with such collaboration the IT security market is expected to be $96.3 billion within 2018.

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Alphabet looking for new direction now Schmidt steps down

Alphabet, which is the parent of Google, is now looking for a new executive chairman.

Eric Schmidt who held this role and has been within Google since 2001, is to become a technical adviser for science and tech issues moving forward. The company has transitioned a lot over the last few years as now products such as the Waymo driverless car business and Project Loon Weather balloon are all considered key products. It’ll be interesting who Alphabet will be transitioning into Schmidt’s role.

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