Gamescom industry event expected to be biggest ever

gamescom entrance

This year’s Gamescom is expected to be the biggest since the computer games industry event was established seven years ago. 

While not as well known or quite as big as some of the more consumer-oriented events – such as Electronics Entertainment Expo, or CeBit – Gamescom nonetheless attracted 345,000 visitors last year.

This year, organisers are expecting that number to be significantly higher, especially as the event itself is bigger – takes up more space and features many more exhibitors.

Gamescom is set to open its doors on August 23, and will run until August 26. The first day will be for trade visitors only, and then the other two days will be open to everyone.

Taking place in Cologne, Germany, Gamescom is this year hosting more than 900 exhibitors, including of course the world’s top games makers.

And, according to research company Newzoo, the world’s top games makers at the moment, along with their revenue for 2016, are:

  1. Tencent :: $10.28 billion
  2. Sony :: $7.8 billion
  3. Activision Blizzard :: $6.6 billion
  4. Microsoft :: $6.5 billion
  5. Apple :: $5.9 billion
  6. Electronic Arts :: $4.6 billion
  7. NetEase :: $4.2 billion
  8. Google :: $4.18 billion
  9. Bandai Namco :: $2.08 billion
  10. Nintendo :: $1.8 billion

In total, Newzoo estimates that around 2.2 billion gamers around the world will generate almost $110 billion in games revenue in 2017.

That’s an increase of about 8 per cent since last year.

And while whenever you see a news story about games, it seems to always be about Xbox this or PlayStation that, the fact is that the humble personal computer is still the most popular platform in terms of the number of gamers.

However, according to Newzoo, in terms of revenues, the smartphone-obsessed newgeek is likely to turn out to be the biggest spender on games in 2017.

Mobile games are forecast to account for more than $46 billion in 2017, while PC games are predicted to generate just under $30 billion.

In fact, console platforms – Xbox, PlayStation, Wii and so on – are also expected to generate more revenue than PCs, with approximately $34 billion expected.

Actually, it looks like PCs were already overtaken as the main revenue source some time ago. Newzoo says in 2016, PC games revenue amounted to 30 per cent of the total, while consoles accounted for 32 per cent, and tablets and smartphones 39 per cent collectively.

Some people are out of touch with the games market, and don’t realise things are changing, and may have changed already a long time ago.

Which is why a visit to Gamescom might be a good idea. This year, the event will make the largest amount of space its ever made available to independent games makers.

The Indie Arena will cover more than 1,000 square metres and will feature more than 70 games development companies – including teams from Germany, Finland, France, Indonesia, Canada, Croatia, Russia, Singapore, Spain, South Africa, the Ukraine and the USA.

They span all levels of business, “from small, experimental two-man teams, through to the stars of the Indie scene”, says Gamescom.

Event organisers highlight some of the indie companies, games and developments in the industry. They include the following:

  • the Polish studio, 11 Bit, and its world exclusive presentation of new title Frostpunk;
  • Humble, which provides makes games-making apps suites, will be presenting the new title of its new publishing division;
  • the online platform Kongregate will also present its new PC game;
  • Innogames, the strategy experts for the smartphone and tablet from Hamburg and Daedalic, an adventure game developer, will also be demonstrating their ideas;
  • the Fizbin studio will be presenting the second part of its award-winning adventure the Inner World;
  • Rockfish Games’ will showcase its kick-starter success Everspace; and
  • the social media success Lonely Mountains: Downhill, by Meganon Industries.