Google App Maker aims to eliminate the need for coding when developing software


Google has launched a new tool which it says will make building apps for enterprise a much easier process. So easy that even non-developers can build powerful apps for their business in next-to-no time. 

Google App Maker is built on the Google Cloud Platform and provides access to many of its powerful features, such as Prediction, Directory, and so on.

Google has recently rebranded its Google Apps for Work suite of applications simply as G Suite, and is obviously revamping its services to make the power tools on its cloud platform easier to use.

“App Maker is a low-code, application development tool that lets you quickly build and deploy custom apps tailored to your organization’s needs,” says Google on its blog.

“Whether you’re looking for better ways to onboard new team members, staff projects, or approve employee travel requests, App Maker helps you build an app for that in days instead of months.”

Google App Maker is currently being offered on an invitation-only basis.

Make apps, not coffee

For a tech-savvy individual, it may only take minutes to build an app which may be useful to a business. For the average user, such as a journalist, it may take some time.

However, anyone with sufficient determination may be able to build an application within a few days or weeks.

For advanced developer types who have already been building apps for enterprise and offering them through Google’s G Suite Marketplace, it may bring opportunities to make even more powerful and sophisticated apps.

Some of the most popular apps on G Suite Marketplace
Source: Google
App name Description Nº users Nº of ratings
Kanbachi Project management 1.2 million 1,469
Boomerang Email management 470,000 58
Zoho Invoice Accounting 175,000 65
Apptivo CRM and other features 138,000 43
Smartsheet Project management 5.5 million 222

The criteria on which the “most popular” is based looks to involve considering a number of different factors.