Huawei to invest in growing cloud market share


Huawei is planning to invest millions of dollars in its data structure infrastructure and solutions in an attempt to gain more cloud market share. 

The company has set aside $250 million for partner programs and marketing for its initiative, and says it has already attracted more than 1,000 companies to its partner program.

Moreover, the company says that more than 100 cloud solutions have been released by Huawei partners, and those solutions are now available in the company’s marketplace.

Huawei clearly wants to capitalise on its recent growth in the cloud market. The company reported that its consumer cloud services grew by more than 100 per cent.

Albert Liu, president of partners and alliances at Huawei, says: “Companies are investing in digital transformation. Huawei and our partners are uniquely positioned to assist them to navigate this process.

“Huawei’s innovative products and solutions provide extensive opportunities for our partners. Now the Huawei Solution Partner Program provides a simpler path for partners to succeed and grow.”

Most of its growth, however, has been in Asia, and has largely not affected cloud market giants like Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, Google, Oracle and others.

However, as Huawei continues to sell more of its devices – such as smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches – the company’s cloud will inevitably grow.

While these go on, Huawei has also been strengthening its data network with the launch of new software-defined wide area network technology and a series of universal computing gateways.

Huawei says the new networking hardware provides on-demand between branches, branches and data centers, and branches and the cloud.

Kevin Hu, president of Huawei switch and enterprise gateway product line, says: “Huawei’s innovations are always based on a thorough analysis of customer demands and challenges they are facing.

“Huawei’s SD-WAN solution helps enterprises rise to the challenges brought about by the rapid cloud-based service development.

“By creating on-demand WAN-based interconnections for enterprises with the ultimate experience, this solution drives enterprise transformation in the cloud era and helps enterprises achieve business success.”