Informatica launches pay as you go cloud offerings

Informatica launches pay as you go cloud offerings in AWS Marketplace

Informatica has launched a pay as you go cloud product through the Amazon Web Services Marketplace.

The company says customers can pay at an hourly rate or by annual subscription. There is also a 15-day trial period.

Informatica says the offer is designed to help organisations of all sizes “quickly and cost-effectively jumpstart data management projects on AWS”.

The kind of applications for which a company could use the Informatica cloud include:

  • quick on-ramp for deploying and managing enterprise-class data management solutions spanning across AWS;
  • SaaS (Software as a Service) applications; and
  • on-premises systems.

Informatica says its solution addresses customer needs ranging from SaaS application integration, to optimization of data warehouses, to big data analytics through ensuring reliable data about customers, products, suppliers, and locations.

Ronen Schwartz, senior vice president and general manager of cloud operations at Informatica, says: “Agility, speed-to-market and flexibility are key to successful adoption of the cloud. In addition, the need to support hybrid infrastructures is increasing.

“To meet customer needs, Informatica is optimizing our portfolio to provide solutions that feature pre-built interoperability with AWS for every use case along their cloud journey, including lift and shift, hybrid cloud and on-premise integration, cloud data warehousing and large scale analytics.”