Intel prepares to launch new generation of processors

eclipse pic

Intel is gearing up for the launch of a new generation of processors which it says is 40 per cent faster than its previous generation of central processing units. 

The performance boost will be particularly noticeable on mobile computing platforms such as laptops, for which Intel is releasing a range of specially designed processors.

The eighth generation of the Intel Core CPUs will make memory- and processor-heavy 4K video and virtual reality applications more accessible to everyone, says Intel.

Gregory Bryant, senior vice president and general manager of the client computing group at Intel, says: “This new mobile family sets the bar for outstanding performance, including a boost of up to 40 percent gen over gen, and that jumps to 2×2 if you compare it with a five-year-old machine.

“This is all thanks to the new quad-core configuration, power-efficient microarchitecture, advanced process technology and a huge range of silicon optimizations.

“These improvements also open the door to richer, more immersive entertainment, and an experience that is optimized for simplicity.

“The best part? We’ve been able to do all of this without compromising battery life. In fact, you will be able to get up to 10 hours of 4K UHD local video playback on a single charge.”

Intel chips are still the most popular choice for machine builders of the desktop and laptop variety, but with the new performance boost for Intel, the company may be hoping to work its way into newer mobile devices that are growing in popularity.

Laptop computers which can be taken apart and the screen used as a tablet computer is one such device.

One of the immediate benefits of having such a powerful processor, says Intel, is that people will be able to see what’s being called “the Great American Eclipse”, when the moon will block out the sun, in “breathtaking level of detail”.

Except the eclipse will be some time today and Intel’s new chips are not out yet, and it will take another few months for products featuring the processors to be available to potential buyers.