Operational insight and data ‘greatest challenge’

schneider dcim

A report by Schneider Electric which surveyed CIOs and IT managers suggests that the “greatest challenge” relating to data centre operations is the “lack of operational insight and data”. 

Schneider, which provides a wide range of products and services for data centres, says: “Current tools and management software… are unable to provide adequate visibility, data and insights.”

The company adds that operators are looking for data centre infrastructure management solutions that can provide an “end-to-end, bird’s eye visibility” of data centre operations.

In fact, the Schneider report, Data Centre Modernization, which questioned 82 CIOs and IT managers in Singapore, says DCIM software and ease of management are “the weakest aspects of data centres”.

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On the positive side, Schneider found that security and availability were the strongest aspects of data centres, with both scoring high in the company’s metrics.

Capacity is the top aspect that organisations are looking to invest in going forward, says Schneider, with 40 per cent of respondents saying they will be spending more money on increasing their capabilities in the coming year.

Moreover, optimising infrastructure is “the most sought-after function when it comes to DCIM solutions”, found Schneider.

With growing demand for capacity, power, cooling and space resources, data centre operators are under pressure to make the most out of their available infrastructure and reduce costs, says Schneider.

The report concludes: “Without relevant data and insight, the IT layer and the physical infrastructure layer are managed in silos, leading to infrastructure inefficiencies, energy inefficiencies and an inability to make optimal decisions.

“In today’s new complex environment, IT and facilities can no longer afford to be fragmented, and organizations are looking to bridge the gap and bring the two layers together through the use of DCIM software. In the process, the data center evolves from being a cost centre to a key contributor to business value.”