Microsoft hoping to make Surface more attractive

Microsoft hoping to make Surface more attractive to business by enlisting IBM

Microsoft has signed a deal with IBM which may make its Surface tablet computers more attractive to business users, according to a report on

The two companies will work closely to produce apps which they hope will appeal to enterprises who will then purchase the Surface tablets.

IBM did a similar deal with Apple whereby it developed apps for iPhones and iPads, but Microsoft’s strategy is slightly different in that it has identified specific markets and companies it wants to target.

So with this deal, Microsoft wants to attract the financial sector, as well as consumer goods and retail organisations. It already has some prominent customers in the National Football League and Emirates airline from previous initiatives.

The Surface is estimated to have around 10 to 15 per cent of the overall tablet market, depending on which analysts you believe. And if you place Surface in the “detachable tablet” category, it is said to have more than 50 per cent of the market.

A detachable tablet could be described as a laptop computer which has two parts — the keyboard can be detached and the screen used for touch gestures.

The IBM agreement is part of Microsoft’s Surface Enterprise Initiative, which was launched last year in partnership with Dell.

Apart from the deal with IBM, Microsoft is also working with Booz-Allen Hamilton on tailoring Surface tablets for government, public sector and healthcare organisations — all of which have specific requirements when it comes to security, says