Most UK businesses not ready for new tech

Most UK businesses are not ready for next-generation technology, says report

More than 40 per cent of small businesses in the UK do not have a website, according to a new report, and they are almost totally unprepared for what’s being called “next-generation technology”.

The study by AXA considers next-gen tech to be things like 3D printing, smart homes, robotics and driverless cars, to name a few examples.

But even before those technologies emerge en masse, AXA finds that only one in five businesses in the UK plan to migrate to the Cloud in the coming years.

The AXA research was particularly interested in the construction industry, with robotic bricklayers just around the corner. In other areas of tech, the company says it found that the UK has world-beating companies, as evidenced by the large amounts of money being invested by foreign companies into UK startups.

Darrell Sansom, managing director at AXA Business Insurance, commented on the survey’s findings: “We work closely with startups in the UK’s tech sector, and there is no doubt that these visionary thinkers are leading the world. What we’d really like to see is this excitement and digital ambition reaching other sectors of the economy too. 

“Our research shows that there is still some scepticism among business owners about these technologies reaching their salon, building firm or shop floor.

“We’re convinced that they will: smart homes, artificial intelligence and driverless cars are developing rapidly, and are set to radically change British society. Those who grab the opportunities first could profit enormously over the coming decades.”