red hat openstack

Red Hat OpenStack chosen by science institute

The European Bioinformatics Institute has selected Red Hat’s OpenStack for its new collaborative research project.  EBI’s Embassy Cloud project aims to “transform the way collaborative research, such as pan-cancer analysis, tackles the...
autonomous cars

US to change rules to help driverless car innovation

US President Donald Trump is set to announce “within the next few months” new regulations that will eliminate the barriers to autonomous cars on the roads, according to a report on...

Phone wars: Google gatecrashes smartphone party

Blackberry could be said to have launched in the first mass-market “smartphone”, in the West at least, when it launched its Java-based mobile devices in the early 2000s.  Users were enamoured with...
artificial intelligence

The race for AI sees Google take the lead

Google, with its gargantuan gigaloadsamoney, has taken the lead when it comes to acquiring startups developing artificial intelligence technologies.  The search giant has bought several lorryloads of companies recently, acquisitions which have been religiously tracked...
Donald Trump is scheming with IBM

Trump plots with IBM to build Matrix-like system

US President Donald Trump is scheming with IBM and other tech giants to build a gigantic Matrix-style information technology infrastructure to rule people’s lives.  Trump says he is willing to spend whatever it takes...
atos launches quantum computer

Atos launches quantum computer emulator

A company called Atos has built and released what it claims is the world’s first commercially available quantum computer emulator. In terms of hardware, it uses Intel chips and what might...

Intel tries not to miss another big market

Movement generates a lot more data than standing still. It follows then that the internet of things may see much more data coming from connected cars than from, say, connected burglar alarms.  Google’s...
rights of women and minorities

US government launches lawsuits to protect rights

The US government has launched a number of legal actions against companies which it contracts to supply various services.  In one lawsuit filed against computer giant Oracle, the US Department of Labour says...
New iPhone sensors

Your next iPhone will recognise your face in 3D

The iPhone 8 is expected to use sensors for facial recognition in three dimensions, according to reports in the media.  Some of the sensors will be supplied by Bosch, which is said to...
tim cook apple

Trump asks Apple chief Cook to move manufacturing

US President-elect Donald Trump has spoken directly to Apple CEO Tim Cook about moving at least some of the tech giant’s manufacturing operations to the US, and offered tax incentives in return.  Apple...
satellite dish

No need to wear a satellite dish on your head

Walking around with a satellite dish on your head just so you can receive Sky TV while on the move is probably not an idea that will catch on any time...
Industrial internet

IIoT set to transform manufacturing in India

Apple recently established a manufacturing facility in India, through Foxconn, the Taiwanese company which makes its iPhones, iPads and other devices.  For Sharmila Annaswamy, a Frost & Sullivan consultant specialising in industry,...
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