theresa may

UK Prime Minister Theresa May reveals new industrial strategy

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has unveiled an industrial strategy which seems to place her in a different camp to her political idol, former Conservative PM Margaret Thatcher.  Thatcher was famous for battling the trade...
Dassault-Systemes car

3D printing set for accelerated growth as Dassault Systémes prepares integrated platform

3D printing is such a clever idea it’s worth pointing at the guy who invented it – through the web at least if not in real life, as that would be...
ibm watson

IBM to build four new data centres in the UK, bringing total number to...

Big data behemoth IBM says it will triple its data centre capacity in the UK with the opening of four new facilities in the country, aimed at enterprise and government customers.  The...
lean and agile developmentvideo

Ocado Technology adopts lean and agile development practices

There are at least two ways to manage a software project. One is what might be called the “traditional” way, then there is the agile way.

US moves to secure internet of things, starting with cars

The US government is attempting to make the internet of things more secure, as more and more experts claim it’s almost impossible to guarantee machine-to-machine networks can be totally safeguarded.  The US Department of Transportation...
business architecture

‘Very few’ companies employ business architecture practitioners

Business architecture is a relatively new discipline and only a small number of companies implement the processes advocated by its practitioners, according to a new report.  The survey by Iris, a provider of enterprise architecture,...

Who even wants a smartwatch?

Why would anyone buy a smartwatch? What’s the point?  What’s wrong with mechanical watches? Why even bother with a battery? What’s wrong with winding it every day? And if you listen closely enough to...

Need for speed: Data centres preparing for 400G connections

Most data centres today use either 40 or 100 Gigabit Ethernet to transmit data to each other, although the 100G network is relatively new and 10G is still prevalent in some parts...

Trump moves to give megacorporations total control of the Internet

Newly inaugurated US President Donald Trump has made the first decision in a media policy which may eventually result in giant telecommunications companies totally dominating the Internet and shutting everyone else out.  Trump...
New iPhone sensors

New iPhone sensors will recognise your face in three dimensions and understand your gestures

The iPhone 8 is expected to use sensors for facial recognition in three dimensions, according to reports in the media.  Some of the sensors will be supplied by Bosch, which is said to...
intel ai

Tech companies rebuilding themselves around artificial intelligence

Major tech companies are restructuring their businesses and placing artificial intelligence at the centre of their activities going forward.  The trend is reminiscent of the time when the Internet was taking off...
red hat openstack

Red Hat OpenStack chosen by science institute for collaborative research project

The European Bioinformatics Institute has selected Red Hat’s OpenStack for its new collaborative research project.  EBI’s Embassy Cloud project aims to “transform the way collaborative research, such as pan-cancer analysis, tackles the...
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