Customer Experience – How do we Deliver on the Promise?

Phil Durand – Director, Customer Experience Management at Confirmit

Customer Experience has been a top priority for many businesses for several years now. So why is it still not delivering the results that teams hoped for? In this podcast, Confirmit’s CX experts, Claire Sporton, SVP, CX Innovation and Phil Durand, Director, Customer Experience Management, discuss how companies can take steps to start delivering on the promise.

Claire Sporton – Senior Vice President, Customer Experience Innovation

Claire and Phil talk about the hurdles that both Voice of the Customer teams and executive boards face in truly realizing the value of a CX program. They also consider how to approach the thorny issue of metrics, and how to ensure frontline employees really understand the importance of their role in the customer experience.

Listen to this podcast to understand:

  • How to move beyond measurement to focus on action and change
  • What CX teams need to do to enable the wider businesses make the right decisions
  • The importance of adding the Voice of the Employee into CX programs to build engagement with the program and add context to dry metrics.