kerry davos

Artificial intelligence driving revenue growth, says Infosys

In a report specially prepared for the World Economic Forum meeting of world leaders from business and politics at Davos, Switzerland, Infosys says businesses and economies which adopt artificial intelligence are seeing...
electric cars

China and Europe embrace electric cars as US said to be reluctant

The petrol engine will eventually become obsolete and be replaced by the electric engine. It seems obvious, unless someone invents a way to make petrol engines as clean as electric engines....
ibm brain chip

Could an AI system do your job?

It’s a common misconception that robots, artificial intelligence, computers and advanced technology of all sorts will mainly – or even solely – threaten the jobs of low-skilled workers.  But this is actually not...
digital enterprise

Siemens increasingly turning attention to digital enterprise

Siemens builds massively gigantic things that overshadow entire towns and cities around the world. Physical things, like a transport system, or a power generation network, featuring wind turbines, for example, or...
business architecture

You can simplify complex things like business architecture – but only so much

One of the perennial problems with computer technology, especially as it becomes more complex, abstract and advanced, is that it’s so difficult to explain to the average person.  However, as computer technology...
login screen username and password

Contextual authentication could overtake current identity and access management methods

A lot of people criticise the “traditional” username-and-password authentication method, or the so-called “two-factor authentication” method, or “2FA”, as some like to call it.  The main reason is that it’s seen as...
Ransomware Demo – Demo from Sophos by James Lynevideo

Sophos: Red Vs Blue – Ransomware Demo

With cybercrimes dominating the headlines lately, it is more important than ever to be as vigilant as you can be against these increasingly sophisticated and complex attacks
artificial intelligence

The race for artificial intelligence sees gigawad Google take the lead

Google, with its gargantuan gigaloadsamoney, has taken the lead when it comes to acquiring startups developing artificial intelligence technologies.  The search giant has bought several lorryloads of companies recently, acquisitions which have been religiously tracked...
business architecture

‘Very few’ companies employ business architecture practitioners

Business architecture is a relatively new discipline and only a small number of companies implement the processes advocated by its practitioners, according to a new report.  The survey by Iris, a provider of enterprise architecture,...

‘Year of change lays the foundation for year of development within the data centre,’...

2016 was a rollercoaster of a year with new technologies and upsets causing stirs within the market. The year saw the rise of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) into...

Darktrace tech director’s five predictions for cyber security in 2017

Dave Palmer, director of technology at cyber security company Darktrace, outlines his predictions for the year ahead…  More than $80 million stolen from a Bangladesh Bank; five hundred million Yahoo! accounts swiped; nineteen thousand emails from...

Wearables market grows as Fitbit reaches 23 per cent share

Smartwatches such as the Apple Watch may have been thought of as the devices which will usurp simpler wearable devices such as the Fitbit, but it doesn’t look like it’s turning...
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