fake reviews online

Powerful AI systems to end fake reviews online

Most people at least glance at the reviews of a product or service before deciding whether or not to spend their money on buying whatever it is on offer.  That applies to...

Global cryptocurrency market reaches $60 billion

It may still be an obscure and weird world, but cryptocurrencies are gaining global credibility and have reached record valuations. The most well known cryptocurrency is bitcoin, but there are many...
YouTube and music industry

YouTube and music industry row about royalties

The MP3 format has officially passed into tech history, after the inventors of the format announced they would no longer support the encoding system.  The Fraunhofer Institute decided not to renew the...
New iPhone sensors

Your next iPhone will recognise your face in 3D

The iPhone 8 is expected to use sensors for facial recognition in three dimensions, according to reports in the media.  Some of the sensors will be supplied by Bosch, which is said to...
3D printing

Dassault Systémes prepares 3D platform

3D printing is such a clever idea it’s worth pointing at the guy who invented it – through the web at least if not in real life, as that would be...
online TV

YouTube, Apple, Amazon, others prepare online TV

Some people don’t watch TV any more. The videos they watch are all viewed through computers – either a desktop one or a mobile one, like a smartphone or tablet.  It might still occupy the...
news content – free

German newspapers confront Google over copyright

In what could turn out to be a landmark court case, powerful German news media organisations have banded together to confront Google over the internet giant’s use of their news content – free.  Germany’s biggest...
automotive industry

Bosch frets over diesel, wins contract with Apple

Industrial giant Bosch unveiled its annual report this week, revealing that the company has earned sales revenues of €73.1 billion in 2016.  Its earnings before tax, which is probably like gross profit,...
hannover messe

Hannover Messe: Software is taking over the world

Special report from Hannover Messe: How hard-bitten industrialists are turning to software  Back in the old days, you knew what was what, who was whom, and industrial companies built machines and...
eu gdpr brexit

Election brings GDPR into spotlight again

UK Prime Minister Theresa May's decision to call an election for June 8 has brought issues which concern tech companies back into the spotlight -- and very few are as pressing...
steve wozniak

‘100 years from now, Apple will offer to buy Mars’

Steve Wozniak, one of the three founders of Apple – along with the late Steve Jobs, and Ronald Wayne – has made some predictions about what the world will be like in 2075.  In...
Apple takes Swatch to court

Apple takes Swatch to court over use of slogan

Apple is probably still a little bitter about losing a legal battle with Swatch over the right to use the word “iWatch” for its smartwatch.  Most people probably expected the new Apple product to be called...
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